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Valerie Holm

When you invest in specially-designed baked goods for your events, they should be adorable and delicious.  So often, custom cookies are flavorless, or they don’t have great mouthfeel.  

NLCookies was founded by Valerie Holm with the mission of giving clients a flavorful, opulent taste experience with cookies (and cakes!) that are a delight to the eye.  Val puts her baking chops and creativity to work for clients in the Chicago area.  

If you want to serve your guests an unforgettable sweet treat that is worthy of your special event, you can count on Val.  From backyard barbecues to weddings to fundraising galas and anything in-between, Val will put a twinkle in your guests’ eyes and a smile on their lips.  

Valerie Holm, Cookie Maestro
We BaKE ...

Cookies for all occasions

… and you’ll love eating them.

Our unique recipe and top-shelf ingredients make for a melt-in-your-mouth, boutique experience.  Our cookies are full of personality AND flavor.

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